Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where's the Line to See Jesus?

Someone shared this video and I really liked it so i thought I would share.

ABC Families 25 Days of Christmas today is Pixars Short films (oops, I was looking at a website that had last years progrmas on it.  I am going to leave this up though as I think it's a great short)
Here is one of them

The Pixar short films are always cute and thought provoking.

The real program for tonight is:

A Flintstone Christmas from 6-7

The Santa Clause 7-9 with an encore at 9-11 is offering a free mp3 download every day for 25 days.  I have gotten some great songs in the past years from their offerings.  I haven't liked the past two days but maybe you will.  The direct link is here.  is also having a 25 days of Christmas countdown.  They have something new everyday.  Yesterday was a video by the Newsboys.  The direct link is here.

We had an electrician to the house yesterday and boy was it good we did.  We had a short in a switch and it could have caused a fire in the walls.  While he was here I had him a check some things that we weren't sure about (it was all included in the diagnostic).  When it was all said and done it cost us almost $300 dollars but it was worth it to not have our house burn down.

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