Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's About the Cross

First of All here is a song about the real reason for Christmas 

Today Starts the ABC Family 25 days of Christmas

First is The Year without a Santa Clause from 7-8

Then it sThe Santa Clause 3 from 8-10 with and Encore presentation from 10-12

Hannah and I plan on starting Operation Chrismas today.  Planning what cookies, crafts Etc.  Aso She picked Unit Study about the symbols of Christmas so we will be starting that today  along with a bunch of other things. 

Some of our plans may be put on hold as all our ceiling lights on one side of the house went out last night.  The outlets on that side still work so we may be using lamps.  Hubby is calling an electrician but we really can't afford a huge bill right now even if it wasn't for Christmas.  Praying that it won't be too much or if it is we can arrange some type of payment plan.  Sigh.    


Becky K. said...

Oh dear! Hope you can get it working soon and that it doesn't cost a fortune.

Kelly said...

I hope you get things working soon and that it doesn't cost much. I totally understand. We are currently having a plumbing problem and can't afford a big plumbing bill right now either, even it weren't Christmas time.

Gotta love those misers! We watch "The Year Without a Santa Claus" every year. It's a favorite.