Friday, July 16, 2010

Dick Van Dyke Show Season 2 dvd box set

My Husband , daughter and myself have really been enjoying this series.  We had already watched the first season  so had decided to go ahead and get the second season.  I don't know why but we didn't remember very many of these episodes.  It was like watching a whole new series.  We laughed at all antics the gang got into.  We all three snuggled up in our bed after supper and would watch one or two a night.  My 15 year old daughter loves old shows and would ask everynight to watch these. 
There was smoking and drinking which you probably wouldn't show on shows these days (except on MadMen)  Nice to be able to watch a comedy show that didn't show the characters hopping in bed together all the time or making sex jokes.  There was alot of affection but it was between husband and wife and they did sleep in separate beds Sally does date alot and even gets engaged but no talk of premarital sex at all. 

This set also contains pictures and interviews from the cast remembering certain shows or expressions

Did you know the the Actor that played Jerry Helper (Jerry Paris) went on to produce and direct Happy Days?

some of our favorite episodes
What's in a Middle Name?  Rob and Laura explain to Ritchie why his middle name is ROSEBUD
Gesundheit Darling  Rob think she's allergic to his family
It May Look Like A Walnut  Rob watches a scifi show before bed and has a nightmare.

These series are reasonably priced two at just 16.99 a season.  Great Family entertainment.


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