Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Hubby has Something to Say!!

Hello all,
Ok, its like this. yes, I am Mindys husband, Dave. so why am I posting on her blog? Ok, here goes. I have a confession to make. Let me begin by say my wife is the smartest person I know and I love her so much. I am a lucky man to have her.
Last week was my last week as an over the road truck driver. i begin a local job on Tues. and I will home every day. I was so happy cause I came into a very good situation.
Often, when I am gone , during my breaks, I go to museums,zoos,points of interest. Last week, on my last run, I went to the Dallas zoo. I send pics home to my family. Later that night as I was looking at the pics I took, I saw one that looked like a two shelled tortoise. At times I can be a bit silly. I wondered if I could tease my family into thinking it was indeed a two shelled tortoise.
I told her this was a rare species of tortoise and there were only four of them in the world. I thought she would catch on and know that it was just me fooling around so I kinda forgot about it.
Upon coming home, I asked er what she thought of my prank. Was I surprised to find out she posted my pic and prank. I gave some clues to her I was being silly but I guess I was more convincing than I thought.
Never in the 25yrs of marriage have a fooled anyone with my left brain humor. She says I kid around too much. She was such a good sport about the whole thing.
ok, thats it. I ,for a brief moment,tricked Mindy. I wish everyone who reads her blog ,knew her like I do.  Soon we will beginning something new. I look forward to my new job and to being home every day and we both know it will not be easy but together we can make it work
oh, and no more kidding around or being silly..promise. (unless she decides to get even)  :-)

thx for allowing me to explain,
signed....Mindys blessed and fortunate (and sometimes silly) husband,  Dave

AWW  isn't he sweet!!

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